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April 2015

Growing pains

'Growing pains' are described in the dictionary as 'the problems or difficulties experienced by a new organisation but which are unlikely to last'. To a large extent that also applies to MEC. However.....

'Growing pains' appear to be a recurring phenomenon; MEC can hardly be called 'new' after more than a decade providing English classes to keen, young Lao students, but as ever, MEC finds itself growing, and although growth for us can be considered a positive thing, it does as ever present the challenge how to accommodate this growth which comes to us in large numbers of new students wanting to learn English at MEC.

Since our move to our current premises in 2009 which saw MEC increase from 2 classrooms to 5, we have been able to accommodate a lot more students than ever before. Today however it has been several years already that beyond accommodating we've had to improvise and even turn away new students because even our 5 classrooms are no longer sufficient to take on the students still 'waiting at the door'.

2015 will be remembered as the year in which MEC was offered a window of opportunity to finally 'open the doors' to those waiting students. A remedy for our 'growing pains' has been presented to MEC! It is a joy to enable hundreds of eager, young, and often poor people to study English and as such improve their lives; it is thrilling to think we can offer that opportunity to many more!

To be continued as it develops.....

World We Wish Project

During the first few months of 2015 students of MEC were involved in an activity in support of the 'World We Wish Project', an organisation with the noble purpose of raising global awareness of shared goals towards a better world.

In an attempt thereto 'World We Wish' is creating a 'global wish sculpture'made of over 5,000 wish-notes from students all around the world.

More than 100 wishes were selected in MEC classes, a number of which you can also find here:

Thank you MEC students, and thank you 'World We Wish' for your great initiative!