A Lao Company

Since November 2022...

...E4E is located on a side road off main road Phuvao Road just south of downtown Luang Prabang. We moved here as our old quarters, further south of town, proved no longer suitable for our needs. Such a move was made several times in our history, but this was the first time we moved not because we were expanding, but because we had to scale down. This in itself was an unwanted and sad situation, but considering the (economic) havoc in town caused by 2 years of Covid, which also affected E4E, we consider ourselves fortunate to still be around, providing opportunity through education, albeit 'slimmed down' for now, but hopefully recovering and returning to growing once again, like we were used to before the pandemic.

Our centre:

A Lao Company

E4E is a Lao company with a Lao director approved by the Ministry of Education, Lao PDR. To be an all-Lao enterprise is not only an aim of E4E, but also a necessity, for a foreigner cannot be the owner of a company in Laos. This is according to Lao law. Two of fourteen staff members are "foreign staff" - and are officially employed by the director of the school (so to speak: by the owner of the Lao company called: ENGLISH FOR EVERYONE). Due to this employment they obtain a business visa and a working permit - valid for one year. The visa can be extended as long as the staff works for our company. Like any employee they receive monthly wages and have to pay taxes to the Lao government.

E4E staff on our E4E doorstep.