Sponsors wanted!

Though the school fee at E4E has been kept very low:

per month 170.000 Kip 10,- $ US
per term (3 months) 450.000 Kip 26,- $ US

it soon became abundantly clear, that many of our students wouldn't be studying with us, simply because they couldn't afford it. Often these students coming from very poor backgrounds are the most motivated and determined ones. They have experienced firsthand that good English is "their ticket out of their poverty". It's these students - both: committed and deserving!- we recommend for sponsoring.
Many of these underprivileged kids - such as: novices or students from the state orphanage, etc. - have found a sponsor - and therewith the opportunity to learn good English. With good English they will be able to find a good job, build themselves a future and help themselves and their families.

You can sponsor a Lao student, too! How?

  1. Some sponsors bring us a Lao kid - and pay her/his school fee for a limited period of time in advance. That's wonderful.
  2. Some sponsors prefer to follow our recommendations: we propose students for sponsoring we know are both committed and deserving. For example: we have experienced that the student in question attends (almost) every class and progresses well over a period of at least three months. We then also know a bit about her/his background. Interested sponsors pay her/his school fee for a limited period of time in advance - and get a feedback from us every six months. The sponsor will decide if she/he will continue the sponsoring for this special kid. Often the sponsored Lao student will send emails to their respective sponsor on their own.

Some Recommendation for Sponsors

  1. Sponsor the school fee at E4E only! Don't sponsor motorbikes, mobile phones and/or health care and education for the extended family of "your Lao kid", for this can turn out to be a "bottomless pit". It can also turn out to be counterproductive for the kid's progress to taking responsibility for her/ himself. We strongly recommend that any request in this respect will be answered with a clear "No!" by the sponsor.
  2. We recommend a "contribution" to the student's school fee: We do not recommend paying the entire school fee (for instance: the sponsor contributes with 100,000 Kip to the students' fee - and the students will have to come up with the additional 70,000 Kip per month). Learning costs money in Laos - this applies to all: state schools, colleges and university! Anything given for free is often considered worthless - and may at times lead to decreasing commitment. This measure also makes it "cheaper" for you - or: you might want to consider sponsoring two (or more) of our students with the money you "save".


Please contact us:

email: helpastudent@e4e-laos.org
tel: +856-30-53 77 349

Sponsoring helps us!