A unique experience

Ever from the very get-go our centre has enjoyed the support of foreign volunteers - both: experienced English language teachers and kind and generous people with no teaching experience whatsoever. For both volunteering at E4E has been a unique experience in their lives - and most of them have left E4E with huge smiles on their faces.

E4E offers its own 'volunteer programme'. Depending on availability, potential volunteers can visit E4E at any time or make on-line reservations, and join classes when some basic conditions are met, such as a decent knowledge of English and a sincere will to assist in our classes. Volunteers will then be helping our teachers who control the lessons' contents and the classroom management. The volunteer then helps wherever she/he can - such as with: reading, correct pronunciation, conversation, interviews, extra-curricular activities etc. This arrangement has turned out very beneficial for our students - and for the foreign volunteers.

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Volunteering at E4E.