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2009, September

During the month of June, the Mano English Language Centre closed its doors for 'Summer' holidays. As regular schools are off during that time and many students choose to go to their families who live in the countryside, often at least a day's journey away, it was a good time for Mr Claus and Mr Marcel to travel to their respective home countries Germany and Holland which also took them about a day, yet covering about 40 times the distance that their students would travel.

The ELK foundation in Holland had been very productive and some activities were scheduled that Mr Marcel was lucky enough to participate in. Staff and students of a local college in the town of Appingedam, one of the most northern towns in The Netherlands, were kind enough to 'adopt' the Mano English Language Centre as their destination for funds raised through activities by the students. One of these was a 24-hour 'marathon class' in which the students were introduced to Laos related topics. In addition the students participated in a Laos fair and a house-to-house sale of discount coupons. The money raised in these events has been awarded to the Mano English Language Centre.

For 2 months now, Mr. Claus has been teaching a separate 'assistant teacher course' to a small group of very promising students who have a passion for English and want to teach it to those students that we in general teach at the Centre.

Thanks to the VWO students of 2G of the Ommelander College in Appingedam, Holland, 8 orphanage students in Luang Prabang are now ensured of at least 1 year of English language education at the Mano English Language Centre. YOU are providing a future for these kids!!

Hiep hiep Hoera voor 2G !!!

The Mano English Language Centre has undergone some changes. As from August we are teaching from our new location, just around the corner from where we were but in a building that will allow us to have more classes and students. In addition to that we are now a team of not only two but four teachers.

September is the month in which most regular schools in Luang Prabang open their doors again to their students for a new school year. Once everyone has 'settled in' again, having returned from their hometowns in the countryside, where often the students have helped their families planting the 'rainy season' rice, attendance at our Centre will again increase after a relatively quiet time.

We are on the brink of further major developments; as from November Mr Claus will start his first 'Assistant Teacher' course in which advanced students will learn to teach Mr Claus's teaching method with the teaching approach that is applied at our centre.

It is our hope that eventually, these new teachers will be able to continue our work in future branches of our Centre in the countryside where those people can be reached who are not able to come to Luang Prabang to study.

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