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November 2017


With the die cast, this month was a time of concrete, decisive, and swift action. Not to lose too much valuable learning time for our students, we took off 1 day before the weekend and as such moved all what was MEC to our new location that today we call E4E, and on the Monday after, our students could simply take their seats in their usual classes and continue their English classes, albeit at a different location.

Suppose we were quietly expecting the maelstrom of events to end with that move, and although the major hurdle had been taken by doing so, 2 weeks later we still find ourselves in the midst of time and energy consuming activities related to our transition.

One of those activities has been the creation of the so-called 'Novice Shuttle Service'; E4E has a considerable number of novices studying in its classes, and whereas formerly they would mostly find their way to us on foot, often walking several kilometres, having moved to our current location, on the southern edge of town, sees the distance for many of them increased further still, sometimes up to almost 5 kilometres, and as such we decided to provide a bit of relief in their efforts by going to collect them for class, and returning them to the temples after, as such having them saving their energy for their English studies at E4E.

Other activities in relation to our transition are administrative in nature and currently require most of the time of our new E4E director Mr Max. Then there are an array of practical matters that deserve our attention in these 'early' days, for example the creation and implementation of adjusted guidelines and rules suited to our new reality, and the required implementation of media changes in relation to us being E4E now, and no longer MEC.

2 weeks into our new reality we find ourselves stretched for time and at times overwhelmed by additional work that, although inherent to such events, were not always foreseen. The bulk of it however, we believe to be behind us, and as the days go by, we will gradually return to a time of 'normality' where we can fully focus again on our goals and strive to keep up and improve on them.

We are happy to be where we are today. We are thankful for the many students who believe in us and are successul in their studies with us, and we are greatful for the generous support of our students' sponsors, and their belief in us. We can be confident about the future.

To be continued...

MEC to E4E.

E4E in progress.

E4E Novice Shuttle Service.