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October 2017

Exciting times (once more)

It has been a year and a half since our move to our new building and it is today, in a rather belated follow-up that we can issue an almost identical story as, like last year, we find ourselves on the brink of another 'new era' that will see us once again make move due to identical circumstances.

'The writing was on the wall' as from day one at our current location; from the first day our classroom capacity doubled and, to our amazement, so did the number of students attending our classes. All addtional classrooms we had gained were full from 'scratch'!

The building we occupy had been 'custom made' for our purpose and as such is a very suitable place to do what we do. However, in no time at all we outgrew the place and today we once again are moving on to keep up with an ever increasing demand for our English classes.

'Never change a winning team' is a saying that we have always taken to heart, more so because we strongly believe in the MEC principles and approach in providing our English classes in Laos. As such nothing fundamental will change when any time now we will undergo what you could call a minor 'facelift' inasmuch that we will no longer use the current name MEC or Mekong English Centre, but will continue under the name E4E or 'English for Everyone'.

Due to the name change MEC will cease to exist in name. Our website too will undergo that same transition: will become and is as such accessible as we speak.

As E4E we will then move to a new location, a suitable place where we will be able to accommodate even more students than that we already do today. With this, we will see changes in appearance only, firmly guarding our original principles and approach which sees so many young local people benefit from the English classes we provide.

Once again we see ourselves upon another exciting milestone in our story! More details on the pending developments will be posted as they come availabe.

To be continued...

English for Everyone.

Our future home.