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December 2019

English for Everyone - and possibly Chinese?

Tourism in Luang Prabang is the motor that drives prosperity. Since its beginnings in 2004, it has always been the reason why English for Everyone was able to start, exist and thrive; countless students have passed through the classrooms of E4E in the last 15 years, often successful in obtaining employment in the tourism branch in Luang Prabang which was so in need of the English skills these students were able to apply. What applied in 2004, still applies in 2019; tourism in Luang Prabang is an ever-growing field which draws an ever-growing amount of country-side people to town, hoping to improve their usually hard lives of rice-farming.

Although English is very much in demand to cater for all the 'falang' tourists coming from western countries, especially the most recent years have seen a strong increase of Chinese influence in Luang Prabang. Chinese construction companies, hospitality businesses, and of course tourists are turning up in large numbers, and with each year it appears to take on overwhelming proportions.

E4E in a way is about to relive its early days inasmuch that it stands to provide a service of which there is a rather limited and inadequate supply, and as such hopes to start running Chinese classes with the start of 2020. Preparations for this adventure are as good as in place, and will be firmly so once January comes knocking. True to E4E founding principles we aim to be accessible especially for those who are seeking to improve a tough, countryside-existence and replace it with a future that in general holds a little more promise. We focus on providing quality at affordable prices and strive to help those who wish to study, but are financially unable, by means of sponsorship.

Besides being on the threshold of this new adventure, E4E did in 2019, what it has been doing successfully for 15 years; providing English classes to young, eager, and mostly dedicated students. The great majority of our students come from the countryside, and especially with that in mind it is fantastic to know that of our currently 700plus registered students, 40% are girls. For this part of the world, where culture doesn't always allow for equal opportunities in such matters, that is an encouraging statistic.

E4E is happy to again have been able to provide our classes in 2019, and are most excited to enter the new year doing the same thing, and moreover, do our usual thing in providing Chinese classes as well!

Try-out class.

Try-out class.

Best wishes for 2020.