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February 2016

Exciting times

Our last newsletter referred to a possibility for MEC to finally be able to accommodate more students than we had been able since our move from 2 to 5 classrooms in 2009. At first the sudden available capacity was a luxury, but in the following years it became clear that even 5 classrooms were not enough to accommodate all applying students. Working on small budgets and low fees any significant expansion seemed mostly 'wishful thinking'.

And then, in early 2015 we were suddenly faced with the opportunity through the Lao My Home Foundation which initially approached us to sponsor some of the students taking classes at MEC. When, during our contact during this time of sponsoring, it proved that both the foundation and MEC approach our activities with a similar philosophy, LMHF then offered MEC the financial opportunity to finally enable the expansion we had been craving for a long time.

Although the initial idea came 'to the table' in the early months of 2015, it was not until towards the end of the year that things started to 'take shape'. A new MEC location was found and a completely new building started to appear built for our particular purpose of teaching classes to young and eager Lao students.

Today we find ourselves on the brink of making that huge change, which we've longed for for so long, and the idea that in a few weeks to a month from now we will find ourselves in the situation that, like when we moved from 2 to 5 classrooms in 2009, we will once again see our capacity added by 3 more classrooms, and with it of course new (MEC trained) teachers and equipment, is most exciting!

We are proud to do what we do and that many people benefit from what we provide, and we are happy today to be associated with Lao My Home Foundation, which, besides enabling us to expand, does wonderful things all over Laos and beyond.

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